28 January 2008

21 Strangest Search Terms on Silat Melayu: The Blog

I was browsing through my statistics monitor for this blog just to see the range of visitors I'm getting (yes, that means you!), and aside from those friends (you guys) who return to this blog once in awhile (some of you, every day! I get sms's and emails like this "Oi! Tak update ke?" and "Are you dead?") and those of you who find it for the first time through a search engine.
I was quite amused to see some of the search terms that brought our newbie friends here. Some were curious, others were downright silly. It tells me however, due to the specificity of the search terms, some of their questions are not answered in my blog.
So, what I'll do today is, I'm going to address some of these questions in my 21 Strangest Search Terms on Silat Melayu: The Blog list (it's the end of the month, and my salary hasn't cleared yet. So sue me). Take it away!
No. 21: "keris datuk bahaman"
The late Pahang freedom fighter Datuk Bahaman, originally from Negeri Sembilan owned many a keris in his lifetime. Along the way, before he passed on, he actually entrusted several of them to different people. Now, these keris are reappearing, claiming to the Keris of Datuk Bahaman, with some people denying each others' claims.
According to guru Mustapha Kamal of Silat Seni Gayong, all of their claims might actually be true, since he holds in his possession one of those keris, entrusted to his late grandmother, a former nursemaid of Datuk Bahaman.
No. 20: "lian padukan schools in ill"
I'm unsure if this means that there are some unwell LianPadukan schools or someone was looking for one in Illinois. From what I know, there are no LianPadukan schools outside of Malaysia other than the one run in the UK by cikgu Nigel Sutton.
No. 19: "how to make a hidden hand blade weapon"
Making a weapon, especially a bladed one is tricky when you have no smithing knowledge. I assumed that the searcher was already well-versed with smithing, and just wanted to see if he could make one anyway. Amongst Melayu weapons, three handhelds stand out as being quite hideable.
The first is the ever loveable Lawi Ayam, or Kerambit (and her variant sisters), the Kapak Kecil or Kapak Lidi as I like to call it and the miniature Badik. To make a Lawi Ayam, most smiths I know use excess steel or iron cut off from other weapons during their making, so most of the smithing has already been done (besides, it's difficult to smith something that small and not lose any more metal). It just has to be bent or filed into shape. This is also true of a Badik.
A Kapak Lidi, however, is mostly created from scratch and is popular in Kelantan as a streetfighting weapon. The handle is about one jengkal in length and usually made of Bertam wood (Poknik correct me if I'm mistaken).
No. 18: "books on lian padukan"
Not yet, I'm afraid, but I do know that one is in progress, to be written by Cikgu Yazid Abdul Rani.
No. 17: "persatuan seni silat gayong maarifat malaysia"
I was acquainted with the founder of this style, Ustaz Azam when I served with SENI BELADIRI several years ago. There's not much I can tell you about the style other than it's from Pahang and incorporates a lot of Minang style silat into its physical syllabus. To find out more about them, visit these sites:
No. 16: "human weapon history channel critics"
Well, if you google that, then you'll definitely get a lot of hits.
No. 15: "silat abjad videos"
There's no point looking for this, because there are none currently, especially since, in my opinion, 'Silat' Abjad can't be represented by a physical silat style, even though they have a physical syllabus (recent innovation). But originally, Silat Abjad was founded as an umbrella body to assist other perguruan (including non-silat) to realign their teachings to Islam.
No. 14: "silat batin gerak ilham"
'Gerak Ilham' is a term used both as a general term and a specific name for particular silat styles. Gerak Ilham Malaysia currently exists as an organisation in Malaysia while another Gerak Ilham exists in the UK and Sulawesi as an umbrella body to preserve traditional Bugis silat.
No. 13: "good riddance indonesian"
Hmmmm... wonder what this is about?
No. 12: "sabil sri indera sakti"
Silat Sabil Sri Indera Sakti is a silat style founded by Tok Guru Nurul Zaman A. Adam of Kuala Kangsar, Perak. Having previously studied other silat styles, guru Nurul Zaman felt incomplete. He performed salat hajat (prayer for specific needs) and implored that Allah give him a superior silat style.
This was inspired to him in the form of encapsulated 'petua' which can be applied in all forms of combat and styles. He has been teaching it since the 1970s. The most unique aspect of this style is that it takes only 3 hours to learn! For more information, visit http://www.geocities.com/silatsabilsis/
No. 11: "gayung ghaib"
For information on this style, visit http://www.geocities.com/silat_art81/newweb.htm
No. 10: "djinn idrus islam"
Oh for goodness sake! This isn't the blog for it!
No. 9: "tekpi perang"
The Tekpi Perang is what guru Jamaludin Shahadan terms the style of tekpi used by Bugis warriors in battle. From his description, the warrios employ double tekpi with one tekpi either possessing a sharp blade or a Mata Belimbing (Starfruit blade). The hand holding this weapon will also be sheathed in a leather gauntlet to protect the wearer.
No. 8: "human weapon arrogant"
Hey! That's not nice!
No. 7: "human weapon fight quest difference"
I'm still waiting for a download link to get the Fight Quest Pencak Silat episode before I can write that comparative review. Mr Hulk? Anything yet?
No. 6: "silat 21 hari"
I haven't come across any silat of thise description. Although you could probably study Silat Cekak one buah at a time for 21 days, I don't think this is what the searcher was looking for. Either that or a longer version of Pukulan 7 Hari.
No. 5: "describe the duel between hang tuah and hang jebat"
Read the blog post above this one.
No. 4: "silat lian yunan"
In Peninsula Malaysia there are generally three lineages that claim to come from Yunan: The Buah Pukul group (Buah Pukul Mersing, Buah Pukul Endau, Gayang Lima, LianPadukan, Silat Awang Daik, etc) in the South, Silat To' Perpat Panglima Hitam on the East Coast and Lian Yunan in Klang, Selangor.
The first group claims lineage through a trader named Abdul Rahman al-Yunani, while the second from a mysterious man named To' Perpat Panglima Hitam while the third claims lineage to the bodyguards of Puteri Hang Li Po who accompanied her from China.
No. 3: "guru besar jeff davidson"
Oh Jeff, you have a fan looking for you. Want to explain this?
No. 2: "orang minyak malaysia"
Yeah. Most of them work at PETRONAS.
and my No. 1 favourite: "how do we destroy orang minyak?"
Set them on fire!!!!
Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab


djambu puadovich said...

how can u say 'orang minyak malaysia' since most of them are not malaysian [bangladeshi]? hehe...how about 'orang minyak' using heavy engine oil which does not burn with fire? huhuhu

jeff davidson said...

Salaam Bro,

First of all, it should be "Guru Bizarre" - but never mind that. Whats this about a physical syllabus for Silat Abjad?

I'll see you tonight if you don't disappear again!

Mohd Nadzrin Wahab said...

Salam hormat,

Heavy engine oil? Hmmm... In that case, throw them into express bus engines. At least there, they'd do some good.

Guru Bizarre, it was thou who disappeared!

Salam persilatan,

Mohd Nadzrin said...

Salam hormat,
Oi djambu, I just got it! Orang 'minyak' laaaaa... Petronas? Petroliam Nasional Bhd? Get it? Not the pump workers la. I meant the whole of Petronas.... never mind.

Salam persilatan,

djambu puadovich said...

ooo...then it's more tragic if u set all d big corporate ppl on fire...[not that setting bangladeshi on fire is not tragic...tragic too, but not as tragic as burning our fellow malaysians la] :P
u, so bad...