08 January 2008

New Senaman Tua blog

In response to numerous emails and personal requests from fans and friends of Silat Melayu The Blog (SMTB), I have today established the Senaman Tua: Khazanah Kecergasan Melayu (STKKM) blog.

The blog will seek to do for Senaman Tua what SMTB and SMC has been trying to do for Silat Melayu. It will document the various aspects of Senaman Tua, its methods, cultural connections, history and tips related to Senaman Tua.

Unlike SMTB, STKKM will be written mostly in Bahasa Melayu with some English articles thrown in for good measure. For fans of SMTB, worry not, I have prepared several weeks' worth of articles for this blog which will be posted every day or every alternate day as normal.

For fans of Senaman Tua, please bookmark this site http://www.senamantua.org/ and watch closely for developments. I shall be updating articles and content from time to time. All questions relating to Senaman Tua can still be sent to nadzrin@senamantua.org

Thank you for all your support.

Original Article by Mohd Nadzrin Wahab

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Asslamualaikum Tuan Nadzrin,

Selamat Menyambut Maal Hijrah. Semoga berbahagia disamping keluarga.

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