02 December 2007

SEA Games Korat 2007: Email from O'ong Maryono

The SEA Games 2007 is currently being held in Thailand and the Pencak Silat events will be contested from the 7th to 12th December 2007. To make all participants more comfortable, O'ong Maryono, representing the Pencak Silat Association of Thailand (PSAT) recently sent out a welcoming email.

November 18, 2007

Dear friends,
I look forward to seeing soon in Thailand for the Sea Games 24th. To ensure that your stay is pleasant I would like to provide you with some information about our location.
The Pencak Silat competitions will be held in Soeng Nen. This is a small provincial town, 30km from Nakonrachasima, also called Korat, where all the others Sea Games 24th sport competitions will be held.
Soeng Nen is 250 km from Suwarna Bhumi Airport on the way to Korat. Your hotel has been reserved in Korat as the city offers more opportunities for interaction and comfort accommodations.
Busses will be arranged to transport you to the Soeng Nen stadium for the competitions and back. According to the competition schedule, two to three travels a day will be organized. More precise information will be presented to you on arrival.
Lunch and dinner will be served at the hotel. Special halal food has already been arranged. On the competitions’ location there are no food facilities, except may be for some food peddlers that may come to sell their products on the competition days. It is therefore recommended that you make your own preparation for drinks and food while at the stadium.
In Soeng Nen there is no mesjid, but the organizers have allocated a special prayer room in the stadium. Please note that the matches will not be interrupted for Sholat time.
To complete the competition in good order, the matches will have to proceed close to each other because there is only one arena.
If you need further information, please do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail at oong53@yahoo.com or via phone + 66 (0) 81 9020989 or + 66 (0) 50193777.
Warm regards,
O’ong Maryono
From myself, Nor Azlan Abdul Wahid, SMC and Silat Melayu The Blog, we wish all Pencak Silat participants and SEA Games athletes a good run. May the best players win. For updates on the schedules and videos/ pictures of the events, go to the official SEA Games Korat 2007 website.

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