07 December 2007

Silat: Parts 1 and 2

I am
aesthetically returning
to the Source
with great harmony
of the seen and unseen
I stop my planning obsession
and let the
Great Plan plan for me
I move with beauty
where evil has long gone
in the seen and unseen
very much quickly
than the others


I move further
my art in flesh
Naying Lucifer
Ayeing Parakletos
God...Down I swim in your sunless sea
The beauty beyond fantasy
The way of life this is
The Secret Touch
has turn me into lightning

Taken with thanks from http://pgssajkm.blogspot.com/


jeff davidson said...

How beautiful. Did you write it?


Salam Brother Nadzrin

I'm blushing. Actually it's 2 of my best poems (under my real name) that have been published and highlighted in one encrypted literature portal. It's my aesthetic perspectives of SILAT.

Anonymous said...

indeed, thats a really good piece.
i just dont get the parakletos bit. in fact, what is parakletos? sorry never heard of that term...


Parakletos is said to be 'The Messiah' or 'The Saviour' or 'The Prophet' or 'The ONE'...

These abovementioned terms are related to different interpretations due to different of faiths and beliefs. (not the literal translation meaning)

Well, I'm not really into the intellectual arguments. :-)

I'm using it in general terms to signify 'good things' (and of course I'm so sure you know who Lucifer is suppose to represent. The Contra to good (In Arabic, Lucifer is equivalent to Azazil)

Even at first, I thought of using the word 'devil' or 'satan' but as a poet, I like to put it in a more symbolic way.

In literal translation, Parakletos is not originally an English word - it's Greek means 'helper' or 'comforter'.

It's used widely part in biblical translation. (again, tendency of interpretation when the word appear in any holy book would be accordingly to one's faith and belief)

Thanks and regards.