17 December 2007

Pukulan 7 Hari Workshop

Guru Haji Jamaludin Shahadan of Seni Silat Sendeng Haji Abdul Hamid will conduct a Pukulan 7 Hari Workshop tentatively on the 19th dan 20th January 2008.
This workshop aims to introduce and clarify the concepts underlying Pukulan 7 Hari and Sendeng. For beginners in silat, this workshop will serve as a good primer.
The infamous skills of Pukulan 7 Hari has found fame among silat and non-silat practitioners as a compact and simple method. Simple it may be, but it is still difficult to transfer such skills within only a day. Those with no Sendeng background have to first practise the Sendeng techniques before being able to master Pukulan 7 Hari.
The workshop on the 19th of January is an introduction and participants are expected to continue attending the successive workshops. Skills for weapon such as the keris, tekpi, kayu, tumbuk lada, etc will be explored in future workshops.
For more information on this workshop, please SMS us your Name and Email Address before the 19th January 2008 to 019 966 7092.
Translated from http://muflihun.com

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